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Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog

Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog - Theme Song
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Aired From: 1993-1995
Total Episode #: 66 Episodes
Premiered: Syndication And Reruns
30 Minutes - 1 Season

Producers: DiC Animation
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Adventures Of STH Title Mix - Edan Koch

Video #1 - Sloooooowwww Going
Video #2 - The Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad

Once upon a time in Sonic land there was the period of Sonic fandom known as the "Sonic Explosion". Sonic's popularity had hit an ALL TIME high and during this time two cartoons were released. Two you say? Yes TWO - Sonic The Hedgehog (Saturday Morning) and Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog (the weekday cartoon). Upon doing some research it was found out that AoSTH was the first of the two cartoons to have been created. It was also rumored to have had the original Saturday morning slot given to Sonic SatAM on ABC. However, upon showing it to ABC execs they found AoSTH to be substandard in both plot and animation and told DiC Animation to either scrap the idea and start anew or else Sonic The Hedgehog would never see the light of day on ABC. Needless to say DiC followed suit and 13 episodes of SatAM was created for its first season, while syndication packages got 65 episodes of AoSTH for the weekday slot, seeing as how they very well couldn't create 65 episodes of SatAM at the last minute.

Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog, while having just a little bit of game material sprinkled here and there, is widely regarded as the worst of the 3 Sonic cartoons for VERY good reason. Created when SEGA farmed out the Sonic franchise to DiC Animation the plots of the toon are more often than not quite stupid and the animation is some of the worst people have ever seen come out of DiC Studios. This does not mean however that AoSTH didn't have its good spots. It occasionally shined here and there and even had a surprisingly good 4 part storyline ("Quest For The Chaos Emeralds"). This is the cartoon that the Archie comic books WERE based off of at its earliest conception and introduced the characters of Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts - the Head badniks. Another noteable thing to mention is that this Egg-O-Matic weilding Doctor Robotnik is the same Robotnik used in the U.K.'s Fleetway Comics Universe and very much less menacing than his japanese Doctor Eggman and SatAM American Doctor Robotnik counterpart.

AoSTH Episode Guide

Located here is the guide with summaries for ALL 65 episodes including the 66th Episode Christmas Special shown only on the USA Network! The episode guide contains everything that you would need from a downloadable WAV file, to voice credits, to directing credits, to basic series information! To avoid the summaries click on the link to the "Quicklist" viewable from here also.

The AoSTH Downloads -

Thanks to AJ Freda, owner of, you can download episodes of AoSTH to view on your computer! He doesn't have all 66 episodes but he's working on it. Click here to access our cartoon downloads page where you can get the link to all you need to know! >;)


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