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Hello! And welcome to our Toon downloads section. All files are in either RM (Real Media) or AVI format. In order to play these files you will need a Real Player or an AVI player such as Windows Media Player. Links to the specific areas to get the RM - FOR FREE BTW - is located below. WMP players should be included and already playable for mostly all Windows users. To CORRECTLY download the SatAM files, right click on the link, choose save as, and you're a go! ^_^ Thanks!

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The Toon Downloads
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog

Welcome to our most requested area on Sonic HQ - a place (on OUR OWN SERVERS) to download the actual SatAm cartoon - ALL 26 episodes! Just click on the title of the episode you want or right click and choose "Save As" and viola - problem solved! Enjoy!

Note - All Real Audio files were encoded by Jonathan Lipscomb.

Also Note - Download space is courtesy of The Dreamteam Zone and .

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Opening Intro And Theme Song (AVI Format)
    Episode Title - First Season
  • Heads Or Tails (Pilot Ep)
  • Len Jansen
  • Sonic Past Cool
  • Kayte Kuch And Sheryl Scarborough
  • Sub Sonic
  • Barbara Slade
  • Warp Sonic
  • Matt Uitz
  • Sonic And Sally
  • Pat Allee And Benjamin Hurst
  • Ultra Sonic
  • David Villiare
  • Sonic Racer
  • Len Jansen
  • Hooked On Sonics
  • Randy Rogel
  • Harmonic Sonic
  • David Villiare
  • Sonic's Nightmare
  • Frank Santopadre
  • Sonic Boom
  • Len Jansen
  • Super Sonic
  • Jules Dennis
  • Sonic And The Secret Scrolls
  • Janis Diamond
    Episode Title - Second Season
  • Sonic Conversion
  • Pat Allee And Benjamin Hurst
  • Game Guy
  • Pat Allee And Benjamin Hurst
  • No Brainer
  • Pat Allee
  • Blast To The Past - Part One
  • Benjamin Hurst
  • Blast To The Past - Part Two
  • Benjamin Hurst
  • Fed Up With Antione
  • Ghost Busted
  • Len Jansen
    Pat Allee
  • Dulcy
  • Pat Allee And Benjamin Hurst
  • The Void
  • Benjamin Hurst
  • The Odd Couple
  • Ro-Becca
  • Len Jansen
    Pat Allee
  • Cry Of The Wolf
  • Pat Allee
  • Drood Henge
  • Benjamin Hurst
  • Spy Hog
  • Benjamin Hurst
  • The Doomsday Project
  • Benjamin Hurst

    Sonic Underground
    Sonic Underground

    Located here are our Sonic Underground downloads, courtesy of staff member Shayne "Sierra Ranay" Thames! Some files here are available in higher encoding - meaning better piture quality. Some are also available in French for our friends up in Canada! Higher quality files are available in above 10 Megs. Episodes are not listed in pilot release but in order of the storyline.

  • Sonic Underground
  • Opening Intro
    Episode Title - First Season
    High Quality File
    Sonic Le Rebelle
  • Get Back To The Beginning -
    Part One: Beginnings (Start Of Plot)
  • Get Back To The Beginning -
    Part Two: Getting To Know You
  • S'Entrainer A S'Entraider
  • Get Back To The Beginning -
    Part Three: Harmony Or Something
  • To Catch A Queen
  • Echec A La Reine
  • Mobodoon
  • Mobourg-Latour
  • The Price Of Freedom
  • Course Contre La Montre
  • Underground Masquerade
  • Bal Du Duc
  • Tangled Webs
  • Holodrame
  • The Deepest Fear
  • Sans Peur Et Sans Romoches
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Parfums D'Orient
  • The Last Resort
  • Comment Resister
  • Come Out Wherever You Are
  • Bal Explosif
  • Winner Fakes All
  • A Hedgehog's Home Is Her Castle
  • La Vie De Chateau
  • ArtiFact
  • Objet De Voleur
  • Bug!
  • Robestioles
  • Sonic Tonic
  • Toni Sonic
  • Friend Or Foe
  • Head Games
  • Reserve Senaturelle
  • When In Rome
  • Vouloir C'est Pouvoir
  • The Jewel In The Crown
  • Mission Diademe
  • Three Hedgehogs And A Baby
  • BB AJT
  • Dunes Day
  • NoMades's Land
  • Mummy Dearest
  • Le Parchemin
  • The Hedgehog In The Iron Mask
  • Mascarade
  • Six Is A Crowd
  • Monde Paralelle
  • Wedding Bell Blues (Pilot Ep America)
  • L'Union Fait La Farce
  • The Chaos Emerald Saga -
    Part One: Flying Fortress
  • La Forteresse Volante
  • The Chaos Emerald Saga -
    Part Two: No Hedgehog Is An Island
  • Dur Comme La Pierre
  • The Chaos Emerald Saga -
    Part Three: New Echidna In Town
  • Dur, Dur-Dur
  • Country Crisis
  • SosCission
  • Haircraft In Space
  • Minutes De Coiffeur
  • Healer
  • Le Charlatan
  • Sonia's Choice
  • Le Choix De Sonia
  • Meltdown
  • 20000 Lieues Sous Les Glaces
  • Sleepers
  • Agent Inhibeur
  • Bartleby The Prisoner
  • Mauvaises Mines
  • The Art Of Destruction
  • La Musique Adoucit Les Monstres
  • The Pendant
  • Affaire Pendante
  • Virtual Destruction
  • La Realite Du Virtuel

  • What? You Thought We Were Through? O.o

    Thats not all folks. Interested in more Sonic Underground videos? Follow this link to the Sonic Music Video Clips, owned and operated by SHQ staff member Shayne "Sierra Ranay" Thames! Dont forget to chack out above as well.

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    Sonic Underground

    Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog
    Other Toon Downloads

    Located here you will find our mixed bag of cartoon downloads! Peruse to your hearts content.

    AoSTH - Downloads

    Click the link above to to gain access to A.J. Freeda's AoSTH movies. Note that not all 66 episodes are available, but he does have quite a healthy dose of them.

  • Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Opening Intro And Theme Song (AVI Format)
    Sonic Anime - Sonic VS Metal Sonic Fight Scene
    General Entertainment Co. Ltd. (AVI Format)

    This Japanese excerpt of the Sonic anime focuses on a short battle between Sonikku and Metalla (Sonic And Metal Sonic)! A very nice preview for those that have never seen the anime before.

    Sonic Jam Computer Anime
    General Entertainment Co. Ltd. (AVI Format)

    Sonic Team usually likes to include little fun tidbits on its CD's that can only be accessed via a computer! One such "tidbit" was this mysterious anime with computer generated backgrounds. It has no words, but the premise is rather simple and is played purely for hilarity. The plot goes like this: Sonic is voted "Man Of The Year". Doctor Eggman (still in nightcap) spits out his coffee in disgust and tries to frame him by dressing up in a Sonic suit and committing nefarious acts. The thing is WORTH the download alone just to see everyones favorite fat Eggman in rocket powedarkgreen roller skates bouncing around like a blob in a Sonic suit. The animation is very similar to that of the Sonic CD Good and Bad Endings as well as the anime animation (which is why I listed that production company as the makers of this). But whether its actually done by them is a mystery. the only drawback to this - the cartoon is ended: To be continued....

    Sonic CD Anime Cutscenes
    General Entertainment Co. Ltd. (AVI Format)

    Sonic CD was the first Sonic game (and only so far) to produce anime intros and outros. There were plenty of stuff to be seen here including some really kickass animation stemming from an actual pencil test to the Good and Bad anime intros and outros. Very much worth downloading.

  • Pencil Test
  • Animators Unknown
  • Opening Scene
  • Animators Unknown
  • Good Ending 1
  • Animators Unknown
  • Good Ending 2
  • Animators Unknown
  • Bad Ending 1
  • Animators Unknown
  • Bad Ending 2
  • Animators Unknown