Do The Ring Thing!
Sonic The Hedgehog

Saturday Morning Remix

Saturday Morning Normal

Aired From: 1993-1995
Total Episode #: 26 Episodes
Premiered: ABC And Syndication
30 Minutes - 2 Seasons

Producers: DiC Animation
Currently Playing: Not Shown At The Moment

***NOTE*** If you would like to see the return of this cartoon. More details can be listed here.

Sonic Headquarters - Knothole Village!

Mobotropolis, Robotropolis, The Freedom Fighters, The Lake Of Rings, The Wolf Pack, The Doomsday Project, King Acorn, The Great War, The Robotnik Planetary Coup, Ixis Naugus - it all started here... The Saturday AM version of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series introduced the Freedom Fighters to the world, and many often consider it the best of the two syndicated series. HOWEVER - it DOES have its drawbacks, as it tended to grossly deviate from the path of the games. It created a great cast that has lasted in Sonic history since its inception, but one of the biggest complaints was how Tails got shafted for Sally. Read the 3rd seaoson developments for more info... It was a _great_ cartoon, but the fact that it was constantly up against Power Rangers while ABC moved its timeslot to keep it from competing with the dreaded show, along with ABC's idiotic "2 Seasons And You're Out" Standard - soon led to its cancellation on a cliffhanger no less. And most recently, The USA Network stopped showing reruns of the show, while Toon Disney shows only the kiddie Adventures version instead. Thus, it's hard to find copies if you've never seen it, so let us get you familiar with what began the whole thing....

Episode Guide - Seasons One And Two

Located here is the guide with summaries for ALL 26 episodes of the Sonic Saturday morning toon! The episode guide rates each episode on a "star system" and contains everything that you would need from a downloadable WAV file and theme song lyrics, to voice credits, to directing credits, to basic series information! To avoid the summaries click on the link to the "Quicklist" viewable from here also. .

The Long Lost Season Three...

Some time ago - Ben Hurst, writer of MANY of the SatAM second season epidodes came to the Sonic Mailinglist. One of the first questions he was asked? Who did the eyes belong, and what would the developments of the third season been. Here is part of what Ben had to say... .

The Saturday Morning Downloads

This is it! Possibly the most requested for section on Sonic HQ and the Sonic net in general - ALL 26 EPISODES of the Saturday Morning cartoon in thier entirety as Real Audio files available for download at the click of a button! No waiting, no searching them out, no plodding endlessly in search of them. Here they are! Download and click! NOW!

The Save Our Saturday AM Petition
Sonic SatAM Petition @

For many, the Saturday AM series is the best of the Sonic cartoons. Unfortunately, it is not on the air anywhere. Well, NOW we can change that. Our good friend Artie has started a petition to bring the cartoon back to airwaves. Click on the banner above to head for his website and sign your name up right away. LET'S BRING SATAM BACK!!!


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