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Sonic the Hedgehog has hit the airwaves! Be it Saturday mornings, weekday afternoons, or across the seas, Sonic has hit the air and speeding towards your TV set! Brian Sapinski, the Sonic Whammy, and Jonathan "WB" Gray here. We welcome you to the Sonic Cartoon page! Information about all the cartoons starring everyone's favorite blue blur can be found here! Each series has its own section below for easy reference.

Sonic Underground, the next Sonic the Hedgehog catoon series by DiC Productions. This cartoon looks promising in the graphic department, but its storyline is still in question. Sega is very excited about this cartoon. They might even make a game of it. This cartoon is called the "prequal" of all other Sonic cartoons.

This series created by DiC was on ABC Saturday mornings for two seasons, 1993-95. It was also in reruns on the USA cable network until recently. I have compiled summaries, pictures, and other various tidbits from this series. The absolute best of the Sonic cartoons!

Another DiC Productions release, this syndicated weekday series also started in 1993, and is still in reruns to this date. WB has the incredible 65-episode list, with some summaries about the comical cartoon!

Sonic returns to his origins, as 2 cartoon episodes of Sonic were made in Japan. They're very hard to find. But there is one man who knows all about the anime: Alessandro Sanasi. Credit goes to him for giving all us Sonic fans a look at this classic. Note: rumor has it that there's another Sonic anime brewing in Japan.

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